Volvo Trucks: Exceptionally Safe And Well-Made

Publish Date : Feb 24, 2023 By Team KAL Trailers Trucks and Trailers

Volvo is the industry leader in traffic safety, both inside and outside the truck. They look at security from different perspectives, which is why they can create safety systems that go a step beyond. Volvo’s vision is that none of their trucks get involved in any Kind Of Accident.

Safety For All Road Users:

The new Volvo Heavy Duty range is incorporated with advanced safety technologies. When combined with professional driving, this technology can help Volvo trucks and you as a driver or owner-operator one step closer to the zero-accident vision.

Improved Visibility:

Volvo has previously delivered many models with improved visibility for drivers. These improvements also include the passenger corner camera, which gives a clear view of the opposite side of the truck. Some models also feature passenger corner cameras and high-beam adaptive headlights.

Braking System improvements:

Volvo is now producing all its vehicles with an electronically controlled brake system. This system is a prerequisite for safety, including Collision Warning in addition to Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control.

The Volvo trucks  also have been incorporated with a roadside recognition system that detects road signs like speed limits, overtaking restrictions, and road types.  All these systems help you stay safe on the road in intense situations which could otherwise lead to disasters.

Protected Cabs:

When you drive a Volvo truck, you’re sitting in the safest cabs, so you’re well-guarded.

Accident Prevention:

Volvo’s active safety initiatives are designed to steer clear of errors that cause 90% of accidents on the road. These measures ensure that the driver has more visibility and is more focused and controlled.

Improved Drivability:

I-Shift is another innovative transmission system that simplifies the gear-changing process so that you can focus on the road.

Volvo Trucks

Adaptive Cruise control alerts you if you approach a nearer vehicle. At the same time, the Hill Start Aid makes driving in the hills a lot safer. Maximizing driver safety is their crucial aim as all accidents can’t be avoided.

Night Mode:

A slight glare from the dashboard backlights can distract the driver at night. By pressing a button, the unnecessary lights get switched off, reducing distraction in your line of vision.

Front-Under Run Protection System:

This system retracts 200 millimeters in a front-on collision protecting the passenger compartment. Meanwhile, the energy-absorbing cab transfers energy backward, maintaining a safe space inside the cab.

Stretch Brake:

This slows down the trailer and straightens it up on slippery slopes, effectively reducing the risk of jack-knifing.

With all these protection systems, it is safe to say that Volvo does build the safest trucks in the world.

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