Long Haul Trucking: What You Need To Know

Publish Date : Jan 01, 2023 By Team KAL Trailers Trucks and Trailers

Long Haul trucking is when a driver drives for long periods and spends most of his nights on the road away from home. During long-haul jobs, truckers either stay in motels or prefer sleeping in the back of the truck.

Their Job:

Long haul truckers drive interstate and often far-off parts of the country. These jobs can take a few days or even weeks. If they are driving on even longer routes, drivers prefer to have a driver-partner so they can get the supplies to the destination faster by taking driving turns.

If you want to be long-haul driver, you need to know the details of all driving rules and cargo-hauling laws of all states you are planning to pass. You will also have to sacrifice your family life and make appropriate changes in your lifestyle to acclimate yourself to this driver's life.

Requirements For Long Haul Drivers:

There are several requirements a long-haul driver has to fulfill before beginning his job. To be a long-haul driver, you need to be 21 years old or more and have a nutritional profile. You need to pass different physical exams and have 20/40 eyesight. You must also have good hearing to work in this job.

Driving Tests:

You will have to pass all road tests for the types of trucks you plan on driving. Passing the written examinations is also compulsory. It would be ideal if you possessed a state-issued CDL. Some logistics companies have additional requirements they need you to fulfill, which means that you may have to pass further tests according to the company you plan on working for. You may need to present two years of long-haul driving experience for some companies.

Sometimes, companies offer to pay for a driver driving school expenses if you agree to sign a commitment contract with them

Family Life:

Long haul truckers spend most of the week on the road away from their families. They live a solitary life which can sometimes take a toll on their mental health. Long-haul driving demands sacrifices when it comes to your family. It demands sacrifices, but the pay is good, and you need to earn for your family. You can comfortably support your family and don't need to worry about expenses.

Short Haul And Long Haul Driving:

Short-haul trucking typically involves driving within a 150-mile radius, while long-haul truckers drive more than 250 miles or even more.

Long Haul Trucking

Short haul trucking has a definite advantage in that you get to spend the end of your day with your family. You may have to work two or three nights, but you'll be able to make it home most nights.

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