The Future Of Dry Van Trailers – What To Expect?

Publish Date : Dec 07, 2022 By Team KAL Trailers Trucks and Trailers

Dry van trailers are fully enclosed boxes explicitly designed to transport a large amount of freight safely and securely. The cargo is primarily protected from rain hence the name “dry van," but it is not temperature controlled. They can typically haul up to 45000 lbs, making the dry van the standard industry for moving non-perishable goods on local and over-the-road (OTR) lanes.


Dry Van Trailers are enclosed, sealed, and locked not to expose the goods. The interests are protected from harsh weather conditions and theft. This makes them a cost-effective mode of transportation. The dry van is always in high demand because of its versatility.

The Future Of Dry Van Trailers

Dry Van Trailer In Industries:

They are used across various industries that include food and beverage, Consumer packaged goods, retail oil and gas, building materials, paper, and packaging. They are essential in these industries as they save a lot of time and transport a considerable amount of freight safely and securely. Their reliable and flexible capacity indeed makes them popular across the market. 

The Future Of Dry Van Trailers:

They indeed are the backbone of numerous industries, thriving on them. Covid-19 played its role in affecting the market generally and caused a general slow growth.

It involved the global economy in three significant ways:

  • Affecting production and demand
  • Creating supply chain and market disruption
  • The financial impact on firms and financial markets

However, the Global Dry Van Trailers Market is expected to rise considerably and continue its steady growth. This is due to the efforts of key players by adopting strategies to minimize the blow to the market and ensure a continuous graph. 

The Future Dry Van Trailers will be connected, lighter, durable, and aerodynamic. The future Dry Van Trailers will employ Advanced Data Collection capabilities that can detect potential maintenance issues and collect other important data about the status of the trailer.

Smart Trailers:

Smart Trailer" that is employed with the latest electronics, data gathering and collection, and sensors will define the future of Dry Van Trailers. Innovative trailers will ensure that the fleet can monitor and detect maintenance issues before they become severe problems and hazards. Sensors will be able to monitor tire pressure, wheel bearing temperature, brake conditions, lighting, and other things as well. All this will help in the smooth transportation of required services.

A collaboration between the manufacturers will ensure that the system works even if different hardware is installed. Sensors and cameras will help monitor the cargo, and data collection systems will enable us to gather information about the payload weight, amount of cargo remaining for multiple-drop trips, and fuel reserves in the tank.

Dry Van Trailers

Smart autonomous Trailers are indeed the future of this industry. Kal Trailers can provide lightweight, durable, and user-friendly trailers that will undoubtedly have the lion's share. 

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