Types of Trailers: A Comprehensive Guide

Publish Date : Feb 23, 2023 By Team KAL Trailers Trucks and Trailers

If you are someone from the trucking industry or someone who is slightly interested in the trucking industry, you must be curious about finding out about the different types of trailers, what they do, how they work, and a lot more. So, if you right now are looking to discover different types of trailers to increase your knowledge, this blog is for you! Also, in case you ever plan to start your own trucking business, I’m sure this article will help you decide which trailer you want to invest in.

The Different Types of Trailers in The Trucking Market:

As there are different types of trailers, finding the right one is always a problem. So, let’s dig in and explore the different kinds of trailers along with their features:

Reefers or the Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are also known as reefers, and these are the most common types of trailers. Do you ever wonder how frozen items are transported over large distances? You can’t carry them in your everyday transport or normal trailers, and that’s exactly when the reefers jump in for your rescue. They are ideal for carrying perishable items. Wondering what the reason is? Well, it is that they have insulated walls and they help keep the freight that requires temperature control safe. They usually have a weight capacity of 45,000 pounds. That’s pretty amazing for carrying all those ice creams, pharmaceuticals or meat, and fish, etc.

Dry Van Trailers

Not sure if it’s just me who’s heard so much about the dry van trailer? Have you come across this term before? If not, that’s totally fine because I’m going to introduce you to them. These trailers are lifesavers whenever you plan to send loose commodities, boxed items, or pallet-based shipments.

types of trailers

In short, everyday material is transported in dry van trailers. Have you ever wondered how your all-time favorite brands like Walmart, Target or metro, etc, get their shipments? The answer is Dry Van Trailers! Yes, they are the ultimate solution for you, with a weight-carrying capacity of almost 45,000 pounds.

Standard Flatbed Trailers

Now, introduce you to the most common types of trailers! If you are someone from the trucking or construction industry, no one better than you would understand them. But if you are not, let me break it down for you. These are the trailers with open backs and sides so that items like lumber, construction, and open-air commodities can easily be loaded and unloaded. They usually have a weight capacity of around 48,000 pounds. Also, let’s forget not to mention that they come in different sizes, but their height isn’t that good, so whatever freight you are transporting in them must be properly chained. Don’t blame anyone if you don’t strap them properly and lose them.


In short, now you know which trailer to use when; refrigerated trailer for your perishable goods, dry vans for almost all everyday items, and flatbed trailers for open-air commodities, etc.

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