What Makes Kenworth Trucks The Best Trucks?

Publish Date : Feb 24, 2023 By Team KAL Trailers Trucks and Trailers

When you are looking into becoming an owner-operator, the most asked question is what brand of trucks is best. One of the best contenders is Kenworth. Kenworth trucks have an exceptional reputation in the trucking industry based on their dependable and high-quality trucks and trailers.

These trucks are built by PACCAR, as they build the best Class 8 trucks in the world.

What Makes Kenworth Trucks The Best?

There are several reasons why Kenworth trucks are consistently recognized and recommended by all truckers in America. They have an extensive dealership network across the country and provide exceptional customer service, but they build better trucks incorporated with intelligent designs and strong materials.

Increased Market Share:

Kenworth trucks are gaining more and more market share because they are building better trucks. Their trucks give minimum downtime in repairs and maintenance and quick return on the road.

Like any car, big trucks also face major malfunctions or minor problems. Major malfunctions require more time and money in repairs, while minor issues can be repaired within a short time and don’t cost as much. With the pandemic, freight rates are low, which means truckers need to maximize the use of their trucks and can’t simply afford any downtime. Kenworth trucks give the least amount of mechanical and technical issues.

Yes, Kenworth makes expensive trucks, but they offer excellent value for their money. This is why truckers are depending more on Kenworth trucks.

If you buy any other company trucks, you might benefit from the low initial investment, but it might come back to bite you in the long run.

Better Machinery:

The Kenworth trucks have sturdy parts on the inside, while the exterior is also more robust than its competitors. Kenworth cabs have the best seal and incorporate exceptional insulation. The whole mechanics of the truck is solid and prone to fewer breakdowns.

Premier Care Program:

The Kenworth truck company offers a Premier Care program that maintains trucks in excellent condition, on and off the road. The program offers roadside maintenance, preventive maintenance, and a host of other services. The service also includes Care Parts and Service Dealers to help you get the right parts at the right price.

Kenworth has won many awards for its unparalleled production and sales performance, including JD Power Awards. Kenworth is an industry leader in providing customers with the best machinery that incorporates the best technology and provides unique services.

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