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KAL Trailers & Leasing is a subsidiary of KAL Group. It has been in business since June 2020. Despite being novel in business, it has still managed to capture the market by being the distributor and retailer of some of the major brands of heavy goods vehicles in the USA.

KAL Trailers & Leasing Inc. is California’s one-stop shop for all your trucking needs. We are one of the largest authorized dealer for Vanguard trailers in North America. We are also established retailers of used trucks and trailers.

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Check out our inventory at KAL Trailers & Leasing, a one stop shop for all your trucking needs

KAL Trailers & Leasing deals in buying used trucks & trailers. Major brands such as Freightliner, Volvo, and Kenworth are all available in our stores. Below are some of the facilities that one can avail of:

• Browse the catalogue for online listings
• Compare the prices
• Search for similar trucks which are currently being sold

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Trailer Trailers

Ready-to-go refrigerated trailers are available in KAL Trailers & Leasing at all times.
Browse from a large fleet of new & used trailers across USA & Canada listed in our inventory:

• Flexible and competitive rates offered
• Dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds to choose from
• Trailers manufactured by Vanguard, Wabash, Utility, Hyundai, etc

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  Why Choose Us?

  •  Large amount of inventory
  •  Competitive pricing
  •  Feasible and Transparent finance rates
  •  Rental programs available
  •  Nationwide presence
  •  Exceptional customer service



Buy from a large inventory of used and new trucks & trailers at KAL Trailers & Leasing, based on specific business requirements and avail of a whole lot of services that come along with it.


KAL Trailers & Leasing has an in-house team that provides loans at low interest, easy installments, customized loan plans, and easy documentation.
Reach out to us for more information.


Get advantage of KAL Trailers & Leasing's unique long-term lease and short-term rental program. Full maintenance lease programs are available as well.


Variety of Add-on warranty programs are available at all Kal Trailers Locations.
Additionally, tailor-made warranty programs are available per customer requirements.

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The success of KAL Trailers & Leasing is because of the close relationship that we have built with our customers. We have a team of dedicated, passionate & experienced professionals who provide outstanding and exceptional customer service.

All these have strengthened the trust of our clientele by catering to their distinctive needs.

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