As California’s ONLY Vanguard authorized dealer, we offer a variety of dry vans and refrigerated trailers. Every Vanguard trailer is designed and built to include premium performance features that provide valuable operational savings and years of trouble-free service. Vanguard takes great pride in offering superior corrosion protection, high strength and long-life specifications and advanced safety components as standard features on every trailer.

Dry Van Trailers

Dry Van Trailers are used to haul non-temperature sensitive products and come in various sizes and specifications to accommodate our customer’s needs. Kal Trailers keeps ready-to-go dry van trailers in its inventory at all times.

Refrigerated Trailers

Our refrigerated trailers have an insulated cargo body equipped with a refrigeration unit in order to control cargo temperature. Kal Trailers keeps ready-to-go refrigerated trailers in its inventory at all times.

Used Trucks for Sale

We have a huge inventory of low-mileage used trucks (2016-2020) that undergo a thorough pre-sale inspection to assure road-ready quality and safety.


Designed to reduce your cost of ownership, our Freightliner trucks offer improved fuel economy, enhanced safety features and lead the way in technological advancements and driver comfort.


Built for the needs of today’s — and tomorrow’s — long-haul trucking operations, our Volvo trucks deliver long-haul efficiency, along with premium comfort and amenities.


Our Kenworth trucks employ a suite of technologies and design features that elevate the driving experience to new heights of safety, efficiency and satisfaction.